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Moving an Ivis 500 Installation

Moving an IVIS Installation:

  1. Verify compatibility of IVIS Version with new PC & Operating System.
  2. Copy the following files from the old PC. To verify the proper files are copied, it is strongly suggested you copy these files from a still-functioning IVIS Plus System:
    • Card Designs:
      • Card designs are files with the extension .cdf. All card designs in use will need to be copied to the new PC, and for ease of configuration on the new PC, it is preferable to maintain the original directory structure. In addition to card designs copied, any images printed on the designs, such as logo .jpgs or .bmps, will need to be copied as well. Again, it is preferable to maintain the original directory structure.
    • Database & Photos:
      • Photos are stored as files with the extension .pc, the location of the .pc files can be determined by choosing "Edit" in the menu bar and "Photo Path." Browsing to the photo path specified will reveal a series of folders labeled Pic1, Pic2, etc. Copy the directory containing the Pic folders to maintain the directory structure.
      • The database used by an IVIS Plus 500 System is a Microsoft Access Database called ivis500.mdb located in the Bin directory of the installation directory ("C:\ivis500\Bin").
  3. Install IVIS Plus on new PC using standard installation procedures.
  4. After installation has completed, copy the specified files into the installation directory of the new PC.
  5. Log in to the IVIS System and choose 'Edit' from the menu bar and 'Setup Wizard.' The setup wizard will give you the opportunity to add additional fields to the data entry window, by clicking the 'Add' button, and selecting the desired field from the list.
  6. Make a test record.
  7. Capture an image.
  8. Print a badge.